Christin Amy’s signature voice can be described as:

dark – sensual – powerful – intelligent – friendly

Her medium to low pitched voice sounds calming and warm, but also mysterious. Christin Amy frequently lends her voice to documentaries, audio books, children books and e – learnings.

As a Corporate Voice for cosmetics, food products, banks and car industries her voice is known for being:

convincing – sophisticated – seductive – serious – articulate

Christin’s voice is used in commercials and films, from animations to arthouse films.

With our partnered sound studio FLOTAINMENT Christin Amy offers sound recording with professional EQUIPMENT catered to your personal wishes.

At NAP | EducatioN Christin Amy instructs professional speakers and moderators.

BIPA, TV / Radio Werbespot (DE)

Autorevue, Voice Over, TV-Serie (DE)

Mein Esel Benjamin, Hörbuch (DE)

Hypoparathyreoidismus, Fachliteratur Medizin (DE)

150 Jahre Musikverein, Voice Over, Doku (EN)

Timeline, Voice Over, Kurzfilm (EN)