“I never wanted to get typecast – neither as an actress nor as a script writer. The scripts I write and direct span a variety of genres: from drama and thriller to romantic comedy and documentary. I’m a curious woman and love to explore different lives and countries, different behaviours and styles – different ways to tell a story. Writing scripts is the most creative part of filmmaking.”

In 2017 Christin Amy wrote the Canadian three part series and coming-of-age drama With a Silver Spoon and she is currently working on a TV-series, a romantic comedy with 50+ actresses as leads.

With her filmproduction NAP | FILMWORX Christin Amy produces, writes and directs TV-series, shortfilms, Imagefilms and showreels for actors and musical performers.

The current project which she also wrote is a series about cities and their artists.

More samples of scenes written by Christin Amy on vimeo